Ameda Temple

Every land has got its own unique story of origin and history to narrate to the generations passing by. For Kerala it is the axe of Lord Parasurama, one of the many incarnations of Maha Vishnu, retrieved land from sea. After the retrieval, he consecrated many temples at different parts, in consonance with the significance and holiness of each place. One among them is Ameda Temple, gracefully located on the banks of Vembanad Lake, in Tripunithura -Vaikom route, 20Kms south of Ernakulam. The sanctum sanctorum is dedicated to Sapthamathrukkal, viz: Veerabhadran, Ganapathy, Brahmani, Maheshwari, Kowmari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani and Chamundi.The shrines dedicated to Nagaraja and Nagayakshi are located North West and North East respectively. Towards North one can see the shrine of Sree Maha Vishnu.

Main Offerings

Sarpabali & Ashtanagapooja

Sarpabali and Ashtanaga pooja is offered to Nagaraja for avoiding sarpadosham/rahudosham and also to attain Sarpapreethi.

Ayilyam darshanam

Darsanam on the day of Aayilyam is considered special for serpents. Even though all Aayilyam Nakshatras are good for worshiping the serpents (Sarpaaradhana) , the ones coming in the months Kanni ,Thulam , Vrishchikam and Meenam (Malayalam Months) are the more sacred and important.

Ayilyam idi vazhipadu is offered by devotees for Ayilyam in Kanni , Vrishchikam and Meenam months.

Pulluvan Pattu

Pulluvan pattu is a prayer song sung by the pulluvan family at Ameda Temple